In the High-Tech New River Valley, They Are The Power Women – Part 1

Patricia Handschiegel is writing a twice-per-week, 10-week series for The Huffington Post entitled "The Power Girls."  She has noted ten traits in women CEOs and describes the trait with examples in the first weekly post, then offers advice on how to acquire that trait in the next one.  Here’s the latest of her first-of-the-week posts.

As currently one of three women-founded member companies of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, I have been thoughtful about the term “The Power Girls.”  When I rephrase it to “The Power Women,” three women come immediately to mind. 

This is a three-part series on The Power Women in my world.

Lindsey Eversole
Member Services Manager
VT KnowledgeWorks

ILindsey Eversolen my cell phone, the contact information for VT KnowledgeWorks is one word:  “Lindsey.”  With only six months in my company’s history, I am solo.  Except I don’t feel that way. 

When, among the myriad Roman numeraled buildings at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, I can’t find the right combination of X's and I's for today’s meeting, I scroll my cell phone contacts and press “Lindsey.” 

When I’m working on a project and need an idea, information, or a reaction, I press “L,” Lindsey’s e-mail address is the first in the queue, and I sizzle her an e-mail.  Her responses are informed, thoughtful, and genuine.  I feel like my own mind has greater capacity when I think aloud or in e-mail with Lindsey.

To be able to help a person be more than she thought possible as she pursues her dreams?  That’s power.


  1. Potentiate is a good word.
    Great when such people are around.

  2. "Potentiate" is a great word. I struggled to find exactly the right words for the vague "makes me more" or "makes me able to do more."

    Lindsey is a potentiate in my life! Love it! Thank you!

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