A Valuable Internship

From Sunny Senedara:

Twenty-one credit hours, an active member on Pamplin’s Leadership Development Team, Leadership Tech, and Student Leaders and Mentor’s Program – yet, I still managed to serve as an intern for VT KnowledgeWorks during the Fall 2008 semester.

VT KnowledgeWorks (VTKW) not only opens doors for emerging companies, but the intern experience also opened my eyes to the real world of managing my time, building close friendships with my employees, and understanding the information technology behind companies. 

I worked at VT KnowledgeWorks for approximately 3 months, controlling their content management system. Not only was I able to express my ideas freely with my manager, Lindsey Eversole, but I received support and constructive feedback on my work progress. I was assigned a project with no specific time deadline, but my work environment, friendly employees, and hard-working attitude allowed me to complete my assignment before the fall semester officially ended.

The project entailed creating a new system that would allow ease and simplicity in managing VTKW’s company information. Additionally, I assisted the company by organizing things such as supplies maintenance and putting together information for possibly emerging companies.

By interning at VTKW, I truly enjoyed my experience because I was under leadership that made me value myself, my job, my co-workers, and my project. I learned that your work atmosphere has a great influence on how productive you are, which allowed me to produce a satisfying end-project. I also became skilled at making use of my resources, while expanding my creativity in managing VTKW’s content management system.

All in all, the workload I had during the semester was plentiful, but I value my internship experience with VTKW because of the skills I have learned and the friendships I have gained.

From Lindsey Eversole, Member Services Manager, VT KnowledgeWorks:

We were thrilled to have Sunny join our team at VT KnowledgeWorks for the 2008 fall semester.  Using her analytical skills, she created a cohesive and all-inclusive database and reporting system utilizing Microsoft Excel to track the progress of our 50 member companies. 

Sunny's ability to migrate and manipulate four years of historical data from our former legacy tracking and reporting systems reflects her high attention to detail, hard work ethic, and thoroughness.  She completed the task in record speed and provided a detailed, logical, and accurate tracking and reporting system. Thanks, Sunny!

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