Home of VT KnowledgeWork a Forbes.com America’s Most Educated Towns

Blacksburg, Virginia, home of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, was ranked #14 on the Forbes.com top-20 list of American's Most Educated Small Towns 1/5/09.

From the Forbes.com profile of Blacksburg (the list on the Forbes.com site is in a timed slide show):

14. Blacksburg, Va.
Total Population: 41,492
Advanced degrees: 42.7%
Bachelor's degrees: 31.6%
Associate degrees: 3.1%

"Blacksburg, Va., is another small town that makes the list due to its local college. Virginia Tech employs 1,371 full-time professors and 1,690 other faculty and research associates. Like in Chapel Hill and West Lafayette, an adjacent corporate research center–which offers a fitness center, dry cleaning and low cost Virginia Tech athletic tickets–attracts even more employees with bachelor's and advanced degrees."

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