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Daryl Scott, founder of VT Knowledgeworks member company Attaain, Inc. and creator of competitive intelligence software AttaainCI, left a comment on the Inside VT Knowledgework's blog post  Handshake 2.0 Found Out From AttaainCI.

An AttaainCI e-mail alert notified Daryl Scott about Handshake 2.0 It so perfectly exemplifies the relationship-building, business-building potential of Web 2.0 tools – like business blogs – that I share it here: 

Hi Anne: Congratulations on the networking success story! I know that referrals from top-rated blogs such as this are great traffic, reputation and business builders.

I'm also glad to hear that AttaainCI's e-mail alerts helped you spot the latest mention of Handshake 2.0 in real-time! It may be interesting to note that in addition to keeping you posted as to when such occurrences happen, e-mail alerts can also be used to help generate additional exposure for a company, too.

For example, I track new blog discussions about a number of market areas related to my business in my own AttaainCI e-mail alerts. Each day I do a quick scan of my new alerts, and for any new blog discussion relevant to my business, I can just click the link in my e-mail alert to go to the full blog post. If it is from a significant business blog, this provides the perfect opportunity to contribute a relevant comment on the subject — and naturally include a link back to my own company. This is a very effective means of building additional exposure on high-ranking blogs in a way that you can proactively control, and often while the new blog entry is still fresh in the search engines.

As a perfect example — this post! I spotted it in my e-mail alerts this morning… and here I am 🙂

Congratulations again on the terrific coverage of Handshake 2.0!

Best Regards,
Daryl Scott
Attaain, Inc.


Thank you so much, Daryl, for your kind, supportive, and information-rich comment.  And as I mentioned in Company Intelligence:  My Company or That Other Company?, I very much appreciate my subscription to AttaainCI.

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