When I Hear the Word “Paradigm” This is What I Think Of

I heard this story when I was a teenager:

The legendary Cody Dickerson, owner of Dickerson’s Garage in Blacksburg, could fix any problem on any car.

Dickerson wouldn’t work on foreign cars.

In a small town in the 1970s, when you were driving and someone else was out walking, you pulled over and asked them if they wanted a ride.

Dickerson was walking and a guy in a Volkswagen picked him up.  As they were driving along, the guy said, “Do you hear that noise my car is making?  What do you think that is?”

Dickerson said, “I don’t work on foreign cars.”

They talked of other things, then Dickerson said, “Pull over.”

The guy did.  Dickerson said, “Pop the hood.”  The guy did.

Dickerson picked up a rock by the side of the road, hit something somewhere a few times, put the rock down, closed the hood, and got back in the car.

The noise was gone.

The guy said, “That’s amazing!  Let me pay you for that.”

Dickerson said, “I don’t work on foreign cars.”

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