LimbGear Champions Tenacity and Resilience

Added 12/4/08, 2:20 PM

I just made sure the link to LimbGear worked.  I clicked again – I didn't know LimbGear had a YouTube of Santa in a LimbGear® Noggin Net™ MP3 enabled skullcap!  It's a gotta see!


Inside VT KnowledgeWorks asked VT KnowledgeWorks member companies this question:  "With financial predictions for 2009 ranging from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness to Shel Silverstein's A Light in the Attic, what do you hope for and foresee in the next year?"
Jamie Bucciarelli, COO of LimbGear replied:

"Tenacity and resilience are two characteristics that have enabled the New River Valley to survive and prosper in years past.  As a consumer products company, our wish is that the great leaders in our region continue to recognize their strengths and believe in their neighbors so that we can survive 2009 and prosper in 2010 as consumer spending begins its recovery."

Jamie Bucciarelli
LimbGear… Take it with you.
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