The Accelerated Entrepreneur – I’m Doing This Because…

In his blog So you want to launch a business…, Jim Flowers, Director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, writes in Winter can be bad for business:  And it can be worse for entrepreneurs:

"This can be a good time to re-visit your Motivation and get a Moxie infusion…"

"So, why do you really want to start this business?"

"What is the nature of your Motivation?  Your reasons are your own, so own them.  Clear off your desk.  Get a blank sheet of paper.  Now complete this simple sentence."

         " When you boil it all down, I’m doing this because…"

Since Jim's a mentor of my VT KnowledgeWorks member company, I try to follow his suggestions.

Here's my completion of "this simple sentence."

I'm doing Handshake Media, Incorporated – and its myriad ventures – because:

  • I must write.

  • I want to write, i.e. blogging is my day job to support my early morning writing habit.

  • The drink of a life well-lived for me is swizzled by creativity.

  • I revere the cycle of study, insight, launch, study, insight, launch…

  • The work is a perfect fit for my gifts, knowledge, and experience.

  • Work in this biz and work on this biz is a fit.

  • One-to-many more than one-to-one is a fit for me.

  • I am an other-promoter.

  • I am a show-loving fan.

  • I am an agent for stars, even if they think they shine only in the sky of my own universe.

  • I relish offering both services and products.

  • The balance of work alone and work with others matches my personality.

  • I can work on a schedule that uses my energy optimally.

  • I am a champion of local economic development and am willing to create my own business to contribute to it.

  • "Nots" are eliminated:  The work is not with a population with whom I've already done service, not devoid of reward for hard work, not immobilized by bureaucracy (the latter said with no bitterness, no, none at all).

And the real reason I'm doing this – you know it, I know it, we all know it:

  • I get to stay home with my cat.

Anne Giles Clelland, The Accelerated Entrepreneur, with her IP

Anne Giles Clelland, The Accelerated Entrepreneur, protecting her IP

Anne Giles Clelland, The Acclerated Entrepreneur, with the inspiration for her start-up

Anne Giles Cllelland with the inspiration for her high-tech start-up

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