A Web Site and A Blog – Two for One

For companies contemplating an online strategy in 2009 that includes an updated Web site and a blog, how about doing both in the same place?
I'm a fan of TypePad's blogging software because of the user interface and the tech support.
And the top blog author uses TypePad, too, so I joined his crowd.
TypePad allows users to make both blog posts and pages, so a company can have dynamic content with the blog and static content with the pages.
My understanding of this actually originated over a year ago through a conversation with Justin of Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center company Biz Net Technologies. He helped me discover TypePad's low-cost way to host the charity fund-raising site for the New River Valley Triathlon.
Here's the site and you can see that it has updated blog posts.  On the right, though, is a navigation list, and each one of those words or phrases links to a static page.  So all the information that doesn't change is on the pages and all the stuff that does change is in the blog.  
For example, here's the first press release and it's a static page.  I put it in the blog, too, so that people who subscribe would see it, but that's long gone into the archives now.  The static page, though, is there for site visitors not to miss.
One reason people create blogs is to generate traffic for their web sites.  All my traffic comes to the same place, both blog and pages, because my web site has dynamic blog content:  2 for 1.

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks is a TypePad blog.
And Handshake 2.0 looks like a cutting edge super site and it is.  But underneath it all?  A TypePad blog.

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