Virginia Tech College of Engineering – Cool Thing #3

I described meeting Steven Mackay, College of Engineering Communications Coordinator, at the visit of Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Blacksburg, Virginia, October 23, 2008.

I asked for the top three cool things going on in the engineering school at Virginia Tech.  Steven sent me four.  Here's Cool Thing #1 and Cool Thing #2.

Here's Cool Thing #3:

Researchers raise uncomfortable scenario: GPS navigation devices can be duped

Just like flat-screen televisions, cell phones and computers, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is becoming something people can’t imagine living without. So if such a ubiquitous system were to come under attack, would we be ready?

It’s an uncomfortable question, but one that a group of Virginia Tech and Cornell University researchers have considered with their research into “spoofing” GPS receivers.

GPS is a U.S. navigation system of more than 30 satellites circling Earth twice a day in specific orbits, transmitting signals to receivers on land, sea and in air to calculate their exact locations. “Spoofing,” a not-quite-technical term first coined in the radar community, is the transmission of fake GPS signals that receivers accept as authentic ones.

Here's more of the story.

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