Virginia Tech College of Engineering – Cool Thing #1

I described meeting Steven Mackay, College of Engineering Communications Coordinator, at the visit of Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Blacksburg, Virginia, October 23, 2008.

I asked for the top three cool things going on in the engineering school at Virginia Tech.  Steven sent me four.

Here's Cool Thing #1:

Engineers began the paradigm shift in the manufacturing of power electronics products

Some 12 years ago, Intel, a multibillion-dollar global company that increased its operating revenue by some 45 percent in 2007 alone, became such a fan of Virginia Tech’s Fred Lee and his power electronics center that it asked his help in developing the next generation computer processor. By 2000, every Intel processor used a revolutionary power supply source, known technically as a multi-phased voltage regulator module (VRM) that Virginia Tech helped to develop. Today, Lee said all manufacturers of computer processors use the multi-phased VRM concept.

Virginia Tech’s Fred Lee helped develop the next generation computer processor

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