The Accelerated Entrepreneur – Strictness with the Vision

The Accelerated Entrepreneur has 56 days until she turns 50.

As I reflect on living a half century on the planet, and on launching not one, but two corporations, one for profit, one non-profit, in my 49th year, I wonder if the predominant challenge hasn’t been the same throughout:

Strictness with the vision.

Perhaps strictness isn’t the right word, but it’s the one I’m using on countdown day 56.

One of the blessings of being an accelerated entrepreneur at business acceleration centerVT KnowledgeWorks is the availability of treasure chests full of expert advice.

One of the burdens of the same is that some of those treasure chests can be heavy.  And some contain gorgeous jewels that just don’t become me.

When to follow my intuition–even to sense if and when my intuition is guiding me–and when to follow the advice of others, has been a source of uncertainty for me for fifty years.

By launching corporations, however, I have caused myself a reckoning.  If I am indecisive about intuition vs. advice, or choose incorrectly between the two, my businesses could fail.  Then I lose my chance to even pursue a vision.

I have experienced this challenge most recently as I move from a solo operation to a many-peopled organization.  How do I honor and foster the strengths of an individual at the same time as I champion, even protect, the vision and success of the corporation?

Strictness with the vision enrages some, hurts the feelings of some, reassures some, motivates some, and inspires some.

The enrage and hurt parts are not my favorite.

What I’m coming to understand is that leadership is not an either-or of intuition vs. advice, but the braiding of a golden threesome:  intuition, advice, and that factor beyond the control of the deepest reachings of an accelerated entrepreneur’s self-reflection, even one who’s turning 50.



  1. see above
    " …champion, even protect, the vision and success of the corporation?"

    "politics" has a way of changing the vision, loss of the vision can occur with long-term leadership, age can even improve the now-perceived vision (escaping the roughness or errors of the original)

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