Jim Words

Jim Flowers, director of business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, enjoys using "m-words" to explain start-up concepts.  He begins his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs with four factors:  Market, Moxie, Magic, and Mentors.

Jim's words of advice and wisdom are so well-valued that he's been invited to speak at the 7th Annual Incubator Conference & Awards – Best Practices in Science Based Incubators, organized by The Technopolicy Network, to be held in Paris, France, December 11-12, 2008. 

Jim will give a plenary talk on December 11 and lead a breakout roundtable session on December 12 (Here's the program .pdf.).

"Jim Words" inspire everyone associated with VT KnowledgeWorks and his selection as speaker brings us all honor.

Congratulations, Jim Flowers!

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