Award-Winning TORC

The Virginia Business Incubator Association (VBIA) Board of Directors established the Donna Noble Incubator Client Award in 2001 in honor of one of its founding Board members, Donna Noble.

This award is presented annually at the VBIA Conference. Nominations for this award come from member incubator managers to recognize exemplary tenants who have been in the incubator for a minimum of one year. 
On Monday, November 17, TORC Technologies was honored as the Virginia Business Incubation Association client of the year for 2008. 

Congratulations, TORC!

Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com, inventor of Ethernet, and a partner with Polaris Ventures, mentioned TORC in his talk, “Enernet: Lessons from 62 years of Internet history for how to meet world needs for cheap and clean energy,” in the Alumni Hall, Skelton Conference Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, on November 21, 2008.

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