Relevant Results

I have pondered this statement from Introduction to Google Ranking from The Official Google Blog on the first philosophy behind Google ranking:

“Best locally relevant results served globally.”

It doesn’t say, “Content jimmied to trick our algorithms through splogs to make us list your site even though what you offer isn’t what our users want.”

To me, “relevant results” offers a mission statement to Google’s vendors, i.e. to those who, as I do, put content online.

Here’s my version:  “Join Google in serving Google’s clients.  Create relevant content.”

Google gives hints as to how and why it ranks pages and sites as it does.  The hints foster relevant results.  The hints don’t tell exactly how and why.

My educated guess as to why business blog posts I write featuring companies are showing up on page one is that names of companies, their officers, and terms related to their companies are embedded in relevant content.

It makes sense to me.  As a person, I’m fun-challenged and I don’t do tricks or teasing.  I’m impatient with vagueness.  I relish specificity.  I value relevancy, meaning, significance. 

I write that way, too.

My writing works for marketing, public relations, and publicity.  It also works for Google.

It could work even better for Google.

I wrote here that I got AttaainCI.

Its power?  After meeting with its creator, Daryl Scott, President of Attaain, Inc., I wrote on Handshake 2.0 that if I thought about AttaainCI too much, it reminded me of the feeling I get from staring at the stars too long.

In a single e-mail, two words from my Web 2.0 developer on AttaainCI:  Whoa.  Huge.

My plan is to use AttaainCI as I use Roget’s Thesaurus–not the dictionary form, but the international version, organized by concept so each word can be explored in all its subtlety and beauty in context…okay, okay, I know, TMA, Too Much Anne–to deepen the relevance of the online content I create.

I wrote here that I anticipated Handshake 2.0 + AttaainCI = Blog magic accelerated by competitive intelligence.

Greetings, Google. 

Relevant-er results.

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