Creative Acceleration

Excerpts from Creativity and the Role of the Leader by Teresa M. Amabile and Mukti Khaire, Harvard Business Review, October 2008, a report on the role of creativity in organizations from "a two-day colloquium at Harvard Business School, inviting business leaders from companies whose success depends on creativity."  Over 100 people attended.

Perhaps the best way to tap the wisdom of the broader market is to give it the power to run thumbs up or thumbs down on new commercial possibilities.


"The thrill of being an entrepreneur,” one said, “is that you get your ideas out in the real world, and they live or die there as opposed to in committee. That committee is death to creativity.” Bob Litan described two recent developments that allow for external vetting at an early stage: the increasing use of prediction markets, and the rise of business “accelerators” like Y Combinator and the Foundry, “which are essentially the American Idol approach to entrepreneurship.”

As a business acceleration center, then, VT KnowledgeWorks, is part of what accelerates organizational creativity.

It must also be part of the "American idol approach to entrepreneurship."

I love it.


  1. 100 people at a talk on business creativity is like the story of two old prospectors talking about where to find gold. If either knew, there would be no conversation; one would be out digging.

    There has been a tad too much creativity in getting and giving loans and and moving paper. Time's up. Back to work making real stuff … with almost no fossil energy.

    The singular great pleasure of retirement … few committees.

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