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I, Anne Clelland, The Accelerated Entrepreneur, first-year member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, am finding myself thin-skinned.


To a person or persons who might see the writer of Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks blog, differently than she sees herself:

I am not a blogger.  I currently find blogs a natural and strategic medium by which to implement parts of a larger vision.  Inside VT KnowledgeWorks and Handshake 2.0 are each one of several enterprises, several of which use blogs, of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the company I founded in August 2008 with the assistance of Jim Flowers and the advisers of VT KnowledgeWorks member companies. 

I am open to working with your vision of me as long as it is in accord with some aspect of the truth of who I am, what my larger vision is, and what’s in the best interests of my clients.

Do you know that one of the companies at VT KnowledgeWorks, Biological Monitoring, Inc., has invented a water security monitoring system which tracks the quality of the water supply for 4 million people in Sydney, Australia?  And if the Bio-Sensor® alerted authorities the water supply had been tainted, the product of another VT KnowledgeWorks company, Portaqua’s portable water processing system, could literally save the day by generating potable water within hours of the emergency?

I take my clients very, very seriously.  Their work merits it.


My alter persona, Blog Diva, has her list of Favs.  It’s probably best to be on it.


A potential client turned down a proposal I made about advertising on Handshake 2.0.  The reason?  The company didn’t want more business. 

Don’t advertise on Handshake 2.0 or you’ll get more business.  Now that’s a testimonial.


When I was talking to a business owner at the NewVa Tech Expo about the power of blog entries to produce search engine results and mentioned the client who turned me down, this person made the suggestion that I charge over-extended businesses not to blog about them.

“For the small fee of $xx, I won’t write a blog entry about you.  That keeps you safe from more potential customers knowing about your products and services and, therefore, prevents you from getting more business.”

It’s absolutely diabolical and absolutely unethical. 

Blog Diva loved it.

Even though my head understood the reason, my heart hurt when I got turned turned down by the potential client.


I, Anne Clelland, The Accelerated Entrepreneur, first-year member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, as does columnist Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, type the question most troubling to me: 

How thick can a businesswoman’s skin get before she no longer recognizes herself in the mirror?

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