Presidents’ Council

This is short because, as a new member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, I am on my way to my first meeting of Presidents’ Council.

Here’s a description of what I’m doing from this VT KnowledgeWorks Member Services Summary

"Presidents’ Council – permanent, moderated groups of 10-12 Presidents, CEOs, general managers, and business owners who meet monthly throughout the year to share leadership experiences and wisdom in an atmosphere of confidentiality, trust, and openness."

Note the word "confidentiality." 

I can imagine when the VT KnowledgeWorks blogger walks in the Presidents’ Council meeting room, trust might walk out.

After all, I’m in the business news biz.

Trust is based on experience.  It cannot be commanded, e.g. "Baby, you can trust me."

To win trust, I will have to be trustworthy.

I so appreciated Jim Flowers’s explanation at Presidents’ Council orientation that it’s just easiest to practice confidentiality by saying nothing about anyone.  How Council members handle all inquiries is with this phrase:  "It was a great meeting."

The insights I have about myself and my own business are mine, of course, and mine to share.  But even with those, I plan to be circumspect. 

Of all the insights I have gained from being an entrepreneur, it is the immeasurable price–personal, social, emotional, financial–the entrepreneur pays for the business. 

I’ll be walking into a room of treasures. 

Silent awe is in order.

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