New Jobs from Gazelles

A guest post from Jim Flowers, Director of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks:

Here’s a startling statistic on gazelles–rapidly growing companies–from a Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy study released June, 2008, High-Impact Firms:  Gazelles Revisited:

About 1/3 of all new jobs in the economy are being created in firms with fewer than 20 employees.  Specifically, high impact firms (both significant revenue growth and expanding employment) represent only 2 to 3 percent of all firms nationally, but they account for almost all of the private sector employment and revenue growth in the economy. 

During the 1994–2006 period, firms with fewer than 20 employees represented 93.8 percent of the high-impact firms and 33.5 percent of job growth among high-impact firms.

Jim Flowers, Director
VT KnowledgeWorks
[email protected]

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