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Handshake 2.0 asked, "What’s the coolest tool in your office?"

From Andrew Cohill, President, Design Nine, Inc.

Design Nine, Inc. specializes in broadband planning, broadband project management, and broadband operations services.

Cool Tool Fujitsu ScanSnap at work at broadband specialists Design Nine, Inc.

We have two Fujitsu ScanSnaps, and the device has completely changed our workflow.  We scan all our project documents now–business cards, handwritten notes, maps, handouts, flyers, etc.  The machine is much faster than flat bed scanners, scans in color and scans both sides at the same time.  You can drop up to 50 pages of double-sided sheets into the feeder and it will scan them into a single PDF file in under one minute.  And it automatically saves a copy to your hard drive.

We still keep a few paper documents for archival storage, but the ability to scan anything is saving many hours of looking for paper documents.

Design Nine provides visionary broadband architecture and engineering services to its clients. Design Nine has over seventy years of staff experience with telecom and community broadband-more than any other company in the United States.

Design Nine, Inc. is a Virginia corporation with its main office in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia. Design Nine also has a sales and project management office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  1. Ooh… That's nifty.

  2. It's the "saving many hours of looking for paper documents" that's cool and nifty to me. I have paper and desk issues…

  3. We have found it particularly useful for the random documents and handwritten notes that we collect during the course of a project. For each project, we create a Notes folder and just drop all the scanned materials in there.

    One might argue it is no different than putting them in a conventional file folder, but we found that people would take things out of the file folder and not put them back. Over time, project documents ended in in stacks on different people's desks all over the office.

    By creating electronic copies, you can print out a paper copy if needed, and/or you can just open the electronic version and read it as needed.


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