Create the World

According to Virginia Tech News, Michael Wesch presented on the future of technology in education and his use of YouTube in the classroom.

Wesch, an assistant professor of anthropology at Kansas State University, researches the impact of new media on human interaction. In January 2007, he released on YouTube the video, “Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us.’"

In his presentation, Wesch outlined a three-step program for educators to follow when trying to teach in an environment where information is no longer scarce. Wesch suggests creating a meaningful narrative, creating an environment that values the learners themselves, and do the first two using the new media environment.

“Using the new media environment allows educators to not only prepare our students for the world, but to create the world,” said Wesch.

Business leaders have the same opportunity to use "the new media environment" to "create the world."

Mindfully and artfully written blogs might also be thought of as "creating a meaningful narrative."

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