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When VT KnowledgeWorks director Jim Flowers wrote about my business plan, "I’m concerned about the $$ value proposition…" and asked, “Can you dig up any data…?"I felt asked to put value to something as intangible as a handshake. 

How was I to describe the value proposition of my new VT KnowledgeWorks business blog services company?

Because business blogs are so new, the ROI of business blogs is largely uncalculated.  Most of the research extrapolates.

Still, I’m so passionate about this business, I was determined to examine my value proposition ruthlessly.  If a value proposition is what a guy or gal gets from buying what I’m selling, I want what I’m selling to be really, really good.

When Charles Lattimer, president of VT KnowledgeWorks member company Cooperative Leadership Institute and founder of Legendary Teams, asked me about my business goals with the question, “What do you want?”, I felt great surprise, but great clarity when I answered:  “To be Blog Diva.”

Like most people, I have several personas and certainly don’t see myself as Blog Diva here–although I love the matching robin’s egg blue of the hat and blouse.

But when I started to write my value proposition for Jim Flowers, I felt teenagerish, defensive, full of “Yes, but…”  I needed distance, objectivity, perspective.  I needed Blog Diva.

Hence Blog Diva and The Devil’s Advocate:  An Incandescent Dialogue About Value Propositions.

As Blog Diva, I felt clear and certain.  As The Devil’s Advocate, I felt ferocious.  Every banked campfire of doubt-filled questions I could think of got The Devil’s Advocate’s flamethrower.

Combustion required a lot of paper.


What did I gain from playing my own devil’s advocate, from attempting to brutally burn down all my dreams, from putting myself in the place of my potential customers, and empathizing with what it might be like to hustle in their shoes over the hot coals of their budgets?

A better product.

Thanks, Jim.

This post is one in a series of The Accelerated Entrepreneur:  The Saga of Anne Giles Clelland’s First Year as an Accelerated High-Tech Entrepreneur at VT KnowledgeWorks.

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