At VT KnowledgeWorks, Ask Lindsey

After hearing Lindsey Eversole–Member Services Manager of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks–describe in an informed, clear, concerned way the process by which I would consult with professionals as a new member, I realized Lindsey was the first professional I should consult.  Just as she was guiding me, Lindsey had guided others.  I asked her for advice on how to succeed as a VT KnowledgeWorks company. 

Lindsey answered me by e-mail:

If I were to give new member companies (or prospective members companies) three tips as they start their businesses through the VT KnowledgeWorks program it would be these:

1) Do not underestimate Concept Camp.  Concept Camp is the first step that every entrepreneur should take while in the early stages of the business planning process.  The camp is a two-day workshop, tucked away in the cabins of Mountain Lake to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to sharpen the essence of their business concepts, understand how they might compete in the market, and learn about the general business start-up process. The next Concept Camp is September 17-19 and you can sign up for it or view more the details about it here.   

2) Utilize all administrative start-up help to avoid the hassle of rework or a potential failed launch.  The administrative start-up services offered in our program help members get their businesses up and running.  We help each business attain incorporation and we facilitate business counseling consultations with experts in the fields of commercial and business owner insurance, intellectual property protection, entity formation and other legal considerations, and accounting and auditing.   

All of these facets are important components to starting a business, so we encourage all of our members to take advantage of them.  In addition to helping our members attain their first logo, we also assist new businesses with publicity to help them achieve visibility in the local and regional community.  Our team and diverse start-up services are intended to guide each member through the steps to launch a business with reasonable ease so that the member can focus on what’s important, which is the business itself.

3) Get connected, get advice and build your network!  It becomes an asset to every entrepreneur to have a network of people who provide emotional support, accountability and business how-to advice because there are so many elements to running a business and no entrepreneur should go through it alone.

We offer Strategic Counseling to our members to help keep them accountable to their visions, to connect them to the appropriate people, and to advise them throughout the entire process.  Our Director Jim Flowers understands growing businesses, including the challenging dynamics of bringing fresh ideas, good people, complementary organizations, and capital together to make good things happen. Doug Juanarena, a serial entrepreneur and founder of several successful technology businesses, and Dr. James Littlefield, an expert in assisting member companies fine-tune their marketing strategies and opportunities, are here to help along the way as well.


Thank you so much, Lindsey, for this excellent advice.

I would like to add a fourth tip: 

Ask Lindsey.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll find out.

I realized again, today, how instrumental Lindsey Eversole is to me in all my associations with VT KnowledgeWorks

How is the VT KnowledgeWorks number listed in my cell phone?  "Lindsey."

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