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As of May 2008, according to Nielsen Online, Google was the top search provider with 59% of all search queries. Yahoo was second with 17%.

If, according to Inc, Google is “the great arbiter of Web success,” what’s a success-seeking high-tech company to do?

I pretended I was from VT KnowledgeWorks member company Portaqua, maker of portable water purification plants, to explore some options.

I used Google’s Keyword Tool where I can type in keywords related to my business. I used “portable water purification.”

From the Google Keyword Tool results, I saw that “high advertiser competition” exists for that term.

Google offers an AdWords advertising program whereby companies can bid for placement of their ads on Google search results pages related to their businesses. The ads can also appear on other Web sites related to their companies’ products or services.

If I go to Google and type in “portable water purification,” I can see AdWords ads on the right-hand side of the search results page for water filters, water systems, stuff related to my search term, “portable water purification.”

Advertisers bid for AdWords placement on search results. “High advertiser competition” means I would have to pay more for “portable water purification” than for a term with “low advertiser competition,” such as “portable uv water purification.”  But "portable uv water purification" isn’t one of Portaqua’s specialties and that keyword phrase has “low search volume” anyway.

On the Keywords Tool, from the “Choose columns to display" drop-down menu, I can select “Show Estimated Avg. CPC (average cost-per-click).”

As I write this, to have a high listing, “portable water purification” would cost $2.79 per click. “Portable uv water purification” would be $0.05 per click.

If 10 people clicked per day on my $2.79 “portable water purification” ad for 30 days, and the rate of $2.79 per click lasted all month, that month’s advertising bill on Google would be $2.79 x 10 x 30 = $837.00.

Oh boy.

That same Inc article asserts that Google “has a particular love for blogs.”

Here are Google results for Portaqua on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks blog.

What’s a success-seeking high-tech company to do?  How can it work in partnership with Google?

Partner with VT KnowledgeWorks. It has a blog.


  1. People too often overlook the value of "low search volume" terms. You don't want to pick an irrelevant term, of course. But, for advertisers on a budget, those less expensive, low search volume terms can be a great source of click throughs. Why compete with thousands of vendors for eyeballs when you can be the one and only person advertising for a less obvious search term? You may get fewer click throughs, but it's all quality.

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