If VT KnowledgeWorks Had a Product Placement Deal with the Get Smart Movie…

If VT KnowledgeWorks had a product placement deal with the Get Smart Movie, you would see:

The old "real-time competitive intelligence on all of KAOS’s dastardly plans" trick!
Daryl Scott, CEO
Attaain Inc. – AttaainCI


An expandable emergency water container called the Bagua–the lowest tech item Maxwell Smart would need to save his life!
Wally, Newton, CFO



This post was inspired by an article in the 6/17/08 Roanoke Times about the Get Smart movie, which opened June 20: "’Our favorite thing is to take something that does sort of exist and just exaggerate it a little bit,’ said Matt Ember, who co-wrote the script."

Take something that exists and exaggerate it a bit? That reminded me of an entrepreneur.


  1. This is right on target. Technology entrepreneurs are changing science fiction into reality everyday.

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