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When I first met with Lindsey Eversole–Member Services Manager of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks–to learn of the new member company set-up process, she gave me a page protector full of business cards from VT KnowledgeWorks professional service providers.

With this kind of expertise behind me, I thought, I can’t fail.

Then I had the daunting thought, If I do fail, it will be because 1) my idea is lousy, or 2) I executed it poorly.


Not known for reticence, I shared my concerns with Lindsey just as Jim Flowers, Director of VT KnowledgeWorks, also not known for reticence, entered Lindsey’s office.

"The business is the car," Jim.  "You are the gasoline.  We make sure you have plenty of oil.  Oil doesn’t make your car go (gasoline does that), but lack of it can bring you to a screeching halt, and even permanently damage your engine."

I felt reassured by this.  I’ve got a full tank!

I had the meeting with Lindsey on July 16.  In the two weeks since then, I have met:

Mike Drzal and Peer Segelke, attorneys for LeClairRyan
Michael D. Tuck, Certified Public Accountant
Christy Brown of Brown Insurance
Jamie Dunn of Hodges, Jones and Mabry, PC
I meet with Michelle Mayberry of Latimer, Mayberry & Matthews IP Law, LLP on Thursday.

That’s 5 business meetings in 11 business days.

In addition, I was simultaneously:

Might I add under-sleeping?

I served the internship for my master’s degree in counseling at DACCO‘s women’s residential treatment center in Tampa, Florida.  My supervisor, Cary Hopkins-Eyles, had a notice on her door notifying her staff that the first line in their job descriptions was self-care.  She explained to me that I was of little value to the clients or to the organization if I didn’t care first for myself.


When I was a child, my father said, “Easy does it.”  He must have noticed in his little girl even then the tendency to sprint.

Let me use the lessons I am learning from triathlon training.  If I sprint, I won’t finish.  Let me pace myself. 

I love being an accelerated entrepreneur.  But let’s try a little “easy does it” on the gas pedal.

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