Blog Diva and The Devil’s Advocate – 6

Blog Diva (a.k.a. Anne Giles Clelland, writer of Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks blog) and The Devil’s Advocate complete their dialogue about value propositions.

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“Come on, Blog Diva,” The Devil’s Advocate said.  “Write me a big, bad, biz blog.  Everyone has a soul’s desire.  What’s yours?  I’ll give it to you if you write my blog.”

“My soul’s desire is a Title Sponsor for Inside VT KnowledgeWorks.  But I don’t seek a sponsor who’s a devil’s advocate, or even an angel.  The Title Sponsor will be the savvy leader of a company or organization who sees the possibilities–the value proposition–of a blog parade for promoting the greater good of the local high-tech economy.”  Blog Diva paused, then added, “And he or she will be a patron of literary blog art.”

The Devil’s Advocate shook his head, leering.  "That idealism of yours is a one-woman conflagration.  But seriously.  I’m The Devil’s Advocate, not the big guy himself.  I have limited, not infinite cash.  And I’m into the greater bad, not the greater good.  You’ve convinced me I need a blog, but not that I need to sponsor your blog.”

“I think this is the ‘savvy leader’ part.  I’ve saved the best for last.  My final bulleted list of value propositions for the Title Sponsor of Inside VT KnowledgeWorks:

  • For search engines, blog posts are each day’s hot, new product.  With a Title Sponsorship, you no longer have to hope you’re mentioned in a newspaper or magazine.  You put yourself in the news.
  • Blog entries are archived and provide a perpetual database of informational terms and keywords related to your enterprise.  When a searcher types in those terms, up comes the information they seek–paired with your text and logo links.

What would this mean for you if you were the Title Sponsor?  For most search terms, Google seems to post the most recent blog entry higher in the search results than it does previous posts.  You could sponsor one blog entry instead of the whole blog–which would be of value to produce search results–but that single entry would probably fall to later pages of results pretty quickly.  It can still be found, but it’s less likely to have early page results.  Sponsoring more entries increases your likelihood of achieving more search results."

"Worth $250K in year five?” Blog Diva continued.  “Since blogs have no history, I can only extrapolate a value proposition from the recent past and from the present.  Sponsoring the blog gives you what you asked for earlier–increased odds.  I post every weekday.  That’s a vintage of about 250 posts per year, all readily available for Google, all with links to the Title Sponsor’s Web site.

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks is always hot and new.  No matter what the high-tech-related topic, no matter what the search term, if an Inside VT KnowledgeWorks post appears, you appear with it."

“Hot,” The Devil’s Advocate said thoughtfully.  “I like hot.”

“Hot is nice,” said Blog Diva.

“I’ll give the devil his due (ha-ha!),” said The Devil’s Advocate.  “I think I see where you’re going with all this.  It’s not my cup of hot toddy, but I might know a guy or gal.  I’ll ask around.  May I give you one piece of advice, Blog Diva?  If I promise not to rain on your blog parade?”

“I’m open to hearing it,” said Blog Diva.

“May I invite you to shorten your elevator pitch?” asked The Devil’s Advocate.  “My ears are on fire.”

“I’ll consider it,” said Blog Diva.  “Thank you.  Would you be open to hearing just a tiny suggestion?”

“Yes,” said The Devil’s Advocate.

“I noticed,” said Blog Diva, “that your fingernails seem a bit inflamed.  Have you heard of Keraderm?…”

The End

Here’s the whole story of Blog Diva and The Devil’s Advocate – An Incandescent Dialogue about Value Propositions.


Inside VT KnowledgeWorks seeks a Title Sponsor.  In addition to your company’s logo on the home page, each blog entry would feature YOUR NAME HERE with a text link, YOUR NAME HERE with Your Business Description or Tagline, and Your Logo.

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks is written by Anne Giles Clelland for business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.  For information about becoming the blog’s Title Sponsor, please contact Anne, [email protected], or the director of VT KnowledgeWorks, Jim Flowers, [email protected].

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