Blog Diva and The Devil’s Advocate – 4

Blog Diva, a.k.a. Anne Giles Clelland, writer of Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks blog, and The Devil’s Advocate continue their dialogue about value propositions.

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“But,” said The Devil’s Advocate, “you, Blog Diva, are in a dying biz.  Hmm, I like that dying part.  Anyway, Forrester reported in June 2008 that business-to-business (B2B) blogging in 2007 ‘plummeted’—a nice word, don’t you think?—compared with 2006.”

“Yes, isn’t it wonderful?” exclaimed Blog Diva.  “Fewer blogs?  Less competition!  In that same report, Forrester notes that successful business blogs ‘make blog content entertaining.’  You, like the VT KnowledgeWorks companies, help me do that.”

“I’m entertaining?” asked The Devil’s Advocate.

“We’ll find out when we read the comments on the blog,” Blog Diva said.  “It’s called an ‘on-demand virtual focus group’ according to ECommerce-Guide 2/07, citing Forrester 1/07, Calculating the ROI of Blogging:  A Case Study."

“Ah, but we get comments only if someone visits your blog and leaves a comment.  Let me probe that sore spot with my trident.  According to The Wall Street Journal, 7/2/08, ‘The sad truth is that the blogosphere is as hit-driven as the rest of the world, with a tiny percentage of blogs getting a huge chunk of the traffic, and with many blogs simply going unread.’  And Ted Leonsis says, ‘Unless you can show 20 percent month-over-month traffic growth, you’re not perceived as a viable Web 2.0 company…[you need] to get a million monthly unique visitors just to matter in this market.’

So Blog Diva, Dream Weava, how many visitors are there to Inside-y Liddle-Widdle VT KnowledgeWorks anyway?”

“As you can see from this Google Analytics visitor report from June 3-July 3, 2008, Inside VT KnowledgeWorks received an average of 17.94 visitors per day.”

“Muhahaha!” cackled The Devil’s Advocate.  “That’s not Web site traffic!  That’s ashes, that’s dust, that’s nanoparticles!  You and your blog are nobody, Blog Diva!”

The Devil’s Advocate laughed noisily.  Blog Diva noticed when he wiped tears from his eyes that his fingernails looked infected.  She would remember to recommend to him Keraderm, the nail treatment system created by one of the companies partnered with VT KnowledgeWorks entrepreneur-in-residence Doug Juanarena.

The Devil’s Advocate leaned back in classic one-up body language, hands behind his head, and regarded Blog Diva.

“Where, Mr. Devil’s Advocate,” Blog Diva asked sweetly, “do you stand on quality versus quantity?”

Recognizing this as dangerously close to “Do I look fat in these jeans?”, The Devil’s Advocate slowly pulled his hands from behind his head.  “Tell me more," he said carefully.

To quote Seth Godin–who is on the Technorati Top 100 Blogs list, by the way, with, therefore, very measurable Web site traffic–‘Just because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean it’s important.’”

“Oh,” said The Devil’s Advocate.

“Mr. Godin adds, "’How many’ is not nearly as valuable as ‘who’…’”

“Who?” repeated The Devil’s Advocate, relieved the conversation had turned from measurement.

“One single reader,” said Blog Diva.  “That’s who.  All I need is one single reader to see the post on Portaqua’s Bagua of Hope and realize that Portaqua’s water purification treatment plant is an IPO waiting to happen because it’s got The Big-Hit Big-Three:  1) high-tech, 2) timeliness, and 3) social responsibility. 

That one single reader thinks, ‘I’ve got to grab this opportunity before it’s gone.  Who’s the contact?  Let me follow the link in this blog entry to the company’s Web site.  I’ll click on Contact…There!  Rafael Gonzalez.  I’m calling him right now.’

That single reader may or may not be someone who can invest, but he or she knows someone who can.  Deal done, Blog Diva ecstatic.”

“One is good.  Many is better,” said The Devil’s Advocate.  He added snidely, “It increases the odds of finding Blog Diva’s Chosen One."

To be continued…


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