Blog Diva and The Devil’s Advocate – 3

Blog Diva, a.k.a. Anne Giles Clelland, writer of Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks blog, and The Devil’s Advocate continue their dialogue about value propositions.

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Although The Devil’s Advocate tried to rain on Blog Diva’s blog parade in her dream, as she steeped hot tea for him–she liked to help people, companies, and entities of any kind get what they wanted–she daydreamed with unremitting hope of Jim Flowers, director of VT KnowledgeWorks, serving as blog parade marshal. 

The last float, spectacular in its bountiful design, displayed this banner: 

Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, the VT KnowledgeWorks Blog
Sponsored by YOUR NAME HERE

“Well, Blog Diva,” The Devil’s Advocate said.  “This tea is diabolically hot.  I like it.  But you still have to show me the money.  If you want me to be the Title Sponsor of your blog, I need your value proposition.  I’m still tempted to  rain on your parade.  In Technorati’s Top 100 Blogs, I’ll leave comments on each of them about how pathetically rinkydink your little blog parade is.”

“Ah, Mr. Devil’s Advocate, you would know the value of negative press.  Thank you for introducing part of a business blog’s value proposition:  "online reputation management."  Positive press for a company is beyond price.  Negative press can cost a company everything.  An ability to respond to negative press, via a blog, might save the day.”

“Let me poke some holes in your cute save-the day value proposition with my cute, sharp trident.  According to your very same source, Technorati, 120,000 new blogs are created every day.  And that was in 2007!  You want me to sponsor a blog that’s one of millions?  You do seem like one-of-a-kind, Blog Diva, but that’s way too many ‘kinds.’  How can you compete?”

“Before I answer, I want to tell you something:  You’re not wrong.  You’re not wrong to question the value of a blog in achieving strategic business goals.  Business blogs are new.  We might be able to get the illusion of answers from eMarketer’s May 2008 report, The Blogosphere:  A Mass Movement from Grass Roots.  It may well be worth its $695 price tag, but it’s guessing and I’m guessing–we’re extrapolating about the future based on a bit of the past and a lot of the present.”

“A concession from an entrepreneur!" said The Devil’s Advocate.  "How positively, I mean negatively, sparky!”

“Instead of a value guarantee–essentially impossible to get in business without a contract–I’m offering you a value proposition,” Blog Diva said.  “I’m banking my time, my treasure, my heart and, yes, my soul (which you may not buy, nor rent) that business blogs are, and will be, of value beyond price to the high-tech companies showcased and paraded online in front of their target markets.”

“No soul-buying or renting?” wheedled The Devil’s Advocate.

“Nope, only more value proposition bullets typed with my sharp, pink-polished fingernails:

Summary?  Bloggers are a part of a blog’s target market.  Business blog writers must read each other’s blogs–and comment upon them–to create inter-related and inter-linked meaning and value for their readers.  Bloggers, statistically, are an affluent group.  One value proposition, not a value guarantee, is that for high-tech companies–whose products are often pricey–affluent bloggers, with whom a blog by definition creates a relationship, are a target market.”

“An affluent target market?  I see some potential there,” said The Devil’s Advocate.

To be continued…


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