Nanotechnology Safety Expertise at VT KnowledgeWorks

Nanotechnology safety is in the news again.  VT KnowledgeWorks nanotechnology experts commented here on recent concerns with carbon nanotubes.  This article from Daily Tech describes a new study published in Nature Nanotechnology on the interaction of living cells with buckyballs, "60 atom carbon molecules shaped like a soccer ball."

From Ben Lepene, CEO of Safe Nanomaterials:

This is another interesting article; I hope it raises awareness for the need to accurately assess the potential health effects associated with nanomaterial exposure without causing unfounded harm to the nano-tech industry.

One question that should be asked:  "What happens when buckyballs penetrate or associate with cell membranes?"

In some cases these nanomaterials can result in cellular damage due to free radical formation and stimulation of a pro-inflammatory environment.  In other cases they may be inert or cleared from the body with little harm.  The level of nanomaterial toxicity all depends on the nanostructure in question – size matters, but so do a lot of other physical and chemical properties.

We also need to think about risk. Risk is commonly defined as a function of hazard and exposure.  Safe Nanomaterials’s nanotoxicology assessment program assists nanotech companies evaluate and reduce risks associated with their nano-enabled products.

Safe NanoMaterials provides proactive nanotoxicology services for the assessment and reduction of potential environmental and health impacts associated with engineered nanomaterials.

Safe Nanomaterials, Inc. is a member company of high-tech business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks, located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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