Doug Juanarena of GenTek Ventures, entrepreneur-in-residence at business acceleration center VT KnowledgeWorks, mentioned to me that one of his clients is Keraderm. Keraderm has created a phototherapy device for nail infections.  It uses ultraviolet light to inactivate organisms that cause the infections.

Nail infections. Like a pair of over-priced, never-worn shoes hidden in the back of the closet, everybody’s got ’em. They just don’t talk about ’em.

I know of…I mean people have whispered to me about, two treatments for nail infections. One is a toxic-smelling liquid painted on the nails for what seems like a decade. Doug me told that’s effective for 1 in 10 who use it. Great.

The other treatment is a pill that has all kinds of warnings about liver function on the bottle. Doug is an engineer. Doug told me so many details, graphic ones, about the liver topic that I got light-headed and needed to put my head between my knees. Engineers and their details are good. Really.

The antidote to my distress was Doug showing me the prototype of the Keraderm device, a calming white, the size of two dish pans on top of each other like a clam. 


Doug did a demo of how it works, so reassuring and so charming that it absolutely must some day be put on YouTube. One word: "Handsies."

I have a friend who trains for triathlons. I spend…I mean, she spends a lot of time in hot, damp running shoes, an environment conducive to the formation of nail infections. I hear nail infections are hard on the gents as well.

The friend I mentioned so misses her pink nail polish. Three to four treatments in the Keraderm device? I know…I mean she knows a lot of triathletes with hot shoes and some at-risk "toesies."

I understand the Keraderm device is investigational and is not for sale in the United States. But when it is, we can YouTube the line that forms for treatment. I get…I mean my friend, gets to be first.

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