Business Blogs – Creating Buzz

From Guy Kawasaki’s Mind Your Manners column in the 2008 issue of Entrepreneur: To take advantage of free buzz from bloggers, make sure to follow the code of conduct:

"… blogs are one of the best ways to get buzz. They have changed everything because they represent a cheap, effective podium for creating buzz on a massive scale."

Kawasaki provides a nine-point guide to the process of building buzz with blogs.  Here’s number five:

"Make connections before you need them. Mediocre marketers try to befriend bloggers when they need them. Good marketers befriend bloggers before they need them. Great marketers befriended bloggers while they were working at their previous companies. Make lots of connections. Today’s egocentric, self-indulgent blogger with five page views per day may well be tomorrow’s Technorati 100 stud."

Or diva.

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