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I thought I would love it being all about me.

One of AttaainCI’s competitive intelligence software-as-a-service features is the ability to gather competitive intelligence about one’s own company. Just as companies can track what’s being "said" online about their competitors, they can find out what’s been said–and seen–online about themselves.

I asked Daryl Scott, President and CEO of Attaain, Inc., a member of VT KnowledgeWorks, if he would be willing to use the self-tracking feature on me. I felt like jumping up and down like a kid when he kindly agreed. Attaain CI can track "lines of business" so I shared with him some of my projects.

Since I’m a sole proprietor doing business under my own name, I’m not that great of a demo subject. Attaain CI tracks news mentions, blog posts, stock prices, search engine rankings, patents, job listings, on and on, all organized on one dashboard.

Still, Daryl Scott generated a sampling of competitive intelligence reports about this blog, Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, my business Web site, business blogs in general, and the New River Valley Triathlon, a charity fund-raising event I’m helping to organize for 2009.

Here are several of the reports:  Latest Market Search Results Summary , Website Top 50 Search Rankings and Weighted Exposure, Latest Market Blog Items Summary, the top ten of 30-day blog mentions, and Latest Market Items Summary, the top 10 of 90-day share of news.

I love my life. I love who has been in it, who is in it, and what I’m doing. I’m fascinated by every detail. I expected competitive intelligence reports about me–I mean about my lines of business–to be full of engaging, absorbing, bountiful information.

Each report didn’t even fill one page.

My passionately created and passionately written blogs and Web sites have fewer links to them than I thought their thought-provoking content merited.

And why were Web pages from ten years ago on that report? With my old name? Didn’t I update every page?

Oh, yikes, there’s a typo.

And how about that sort of embarrassing link to my personal, thank you very much, blog about my triathlon training that I share with my coach? I clicked the "private" radio button, not the "public" one, when I created it.

How did I feel after I read my Attaain CI competitive intelligence reports? Like I had gone to a party, bent over to pick up a runaway green olive, blithely carried on conversations about my fascinating life, and been told two hours later I had split my pants.

Nothing too personal was revealed. But still…

What insights did I gain from my AttaainCI competitive intelligence reports?

One:  Since public humiliation is a basic human fear, and is even experienced on a deep psychological level as a sort of death threat, being an entrepreneur during the days of Web 2.0–and risking putting one’s ideas, products, and services out there, then receiving competitive intelligence about the results of that risk–takes guts.

Two:  My online territory in my lines of business is not as big as I want it to be.

Three:  Online, what goes up is up.

Four:  Online, what goes up isn’t private.

Five:  Words, online, have power.

Six:  My company’s product is words.

Ooh, I like five and six.

Seven:  I got a lead on a topic for a blog post, i.e. as a result of even one AttaainCI competitive intelligence report, I was able to immediately create a new product.

Eight:  Any single one of the many insights I gained from my AttaainCI competitive intelligence reports could help me focus, even redirect, my strategic planning for my company.

I wrote here and here that I gotta have AttaainCI. I will admit my pride is smarting just a tad. That was a whole, whole, whole lot about me.

Today, let me go shopping for some new pants. Pink would be good.

Tomorrow, though, I gotta have AttaainCI.

Attaain, Inc. is a member company of high-tech business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks, located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.


  1. Thanks for yet another fascinating post!

    Don't know if you have ever read Jim Collins' book Good to Great, but there is one concept in it called "Confront the Brutal Facts." To use my own paraphrase, companies often have to look at how things really are, not how they'd like them to be — and then take action as needed to get the two in line. While AttaainCI is terrific for analyzing the facts about competitors, it's also a great tool, as you discussed, for analyzing certain facts (sometimes brutal) about your own company. In addition, it helps to highlight some of these areas where you can affect change in the desired direction. And, finally, it then provides a tool to monitor your progress in achieving certain changes over time.

    Thanks again!

    Daryl Scott
    Attaain Inc.

  2. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement. I think I've recovered somewhat from my trauma.

    Very lovely to see AttaainCI mentioned here:,b4pt82F9

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