AttaainCI – I Gotta Have It

As a business blog writer, I’m in the blog entry writing business and in the blog comment writing business.

I wrote yesterday that I gotta have AttaainCI, the competitive intelligence online market tracking service from Attaain, Inc.  I gotta have it today, too.  Among about a billion other things, it tracks "line of business" blog posts.Attaaindashboard

That means I could use AttaainCI to track each line of business of each of the VT KnowledgeWorks high-tech member companies.  In addition to seeing–on easy-to-read and navigate online dashboards–the member companies’ competitors’ company descriptions, key personnel, search engine references, patent lists, and–yes, believe it or not–Web site keywords, I would see all the blogs that currently mention either the VT KnowledgeWorks company, its competitor’s company, or that line of business.

Instead of manually scanning blog after blog to see if somebody has mentioned something of interest to my lines of business (41 VT KnowledgeWorks member companies and counting), I would click on a blog post tracked in real time by AttaainCI, read it, leave a thoughtful, informed, witty, pertinent comment using my usual metaphorical references to shopping, pink fashion accessories, triathlon training, or my cat, include a link to one of my lines of business, click save, and move to the next blog post on the AttaainCI list.

I would only be doing what the top competitors in all markets are doing now–using competitive intelligence to galvanize online interest in their products or services.

Like Dell, for example.

From this 6/3/08 Wall Street Journal article, Dell, by Going Click for Click with Web Posters, Ensured Bloggers Saw Its New Red Mini Laptop:

"Dell Inc. hit a viral-PR home run last week when photos of a not-yet-released computer…swept across the Internet…The buzz wasn’t an accident:  It was the payoff from a year-long effort by Dell to engage more directly with bloggers…The PC maker says it now has an entire team dedicated to finding and responding to comments about Dell on the Internet."

Who needs a team when I could have Attaain CI?

From Daryl Scott, President and CEO of Attaain, Inc.:  "We have priced AttaainCI to make it affordable for companies of all sizes–ranging from enterprise licenses beginning at just $58/mo/user (annual USD prepaid license for 50 user block)–to individual user licenses that can be purchased on a month-to-month basis at $149/user/mo charged to a credit card."

I gotta have it.

And I gotta have it before Dell gets it.

Oops.  I wonder if one of Dell’s team members just found this blog post…

Attaain, Inc. is a member company of high-tech business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks, located at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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