140-Character Company Pitch

"The new resume is 140 characters."

That’s a quote from BusinessWeek’s Beyond Blogs article on Web 2.0 that I wrote about in in this post.

If you search Google for "140 characters," you’ll see a list of references to microblogging, award winning fiction in 140 characters, even dating in 140 characters.

I assume that means the elevator pitch is outdated because it’s too long.  It’s not Twitterable.  Twitter "tweets" need to be short and sweet.

The new company pitch is 140 characters.

To help you create this cutting edge business communication form ("cut" is the key term), here’s a 140-character company pitch worksheet.

If you like the pitch you write, send it to me and I’ll consider posting it.  Or do it the Web 2.0 way–immediately publish your 140-word pitch by posting it as a comment.

[Added 6/22/08:  "It’s not really about how you tweet, what you say or who you talk to but who you are," a quote from a post on Dosh Dosh.]


  1. As an avid Twitter user (@NRVLiving), I can tell you I see tremendous business potential in knowing your 140-Character Company Pitch. I've had business come to me, unsolicited, from the relationships I've formed on Twitter, and I know many others that have as well. Being able to describe your product, while exhibiting your personality as well.

    A great concept, Anne – thanks for pointing it out.

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