A Sweet Tech Nite 9.0

While he and his family lived at Whitethorne, my high school boyfriend showed me how to milk a cow. I have seen cream rise to the top.

So much richness fills my life, I wait for sweet cream to rise to choose about what to write.

What rises to the top on a Monday morning after having attended Tech Nite 9.0 on a Thursday night is the memory of hearing a statement I have so wished and waited to hear:

"I read your blog."

I heard it three times in quick succession.  While the nominees could be anyone with Internet access, with gratitude, I announce the Inside VT KnowledgeWorks Awards for Connectivity (and for making a dream come true):

First Person:
Mark Coburn,
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties

Second Person:
Kevin Creehan,
Schultz-Creehan, Inc.

Third Person:
Daryl Scott,
Attaain, Inc.

What "I read your blog" means to me from these people-now-dear-to-my-heart is that the blog’s purpose–to help make cool things happen for VT KnowledgeWorks companies and the local high-tech economy–may be beginning to happen.

Ah, I remember these conversations well:

"What do you do?"
"I write the blog for
VT KnowledgeWorks."
"You do what?"

"What do you do?"
"I write the blog for
VT KnowledgeWorks."
"Oh, yeah, I keep meaning to read that."

Next dream:

Someone peers at my name tag.
"Hey, don’t you write the blog for
VT KnowledgeWorks?"

Now that would be sweet.

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