High-Tech Live – Almost Time

I e-mailed Laurie Enos at Element K and asked for her permission to upload Element K’s white paper on wikis.

Just got her reply:

"Here is the white paper ….early, just for you!"

Laurie Enos
Sales Development Program Manager
Element K
‘Your Learning Solutions Partner’
Office: 585-240-7468
Fax: 585-295-7108

To register for the webinar from Element K entitled "Using Wikis in Corporations," click here.


  1. I proposed a wiki-equivalent for doctors working at a proposed adolescent rehabilitation center in New Kent County, Virginia. It was never implemented. The present technology increases the chances of such development, of building rather than creating bricks and scattering them around for someone to use somewhere.
    Your encouragement of wikis is a leadership position.
    I'll add wiki-work to my Faunal Force blog.

  2. You are the leader of comments on this blog and I so appreciate the depth you add.

    I read your blog here:

    I heard in the webinar that a wiki requires an IT person. I was sorry to learn that because I would be tempted to experiment with it.

    The applications to health care, as you mentioned, education, industry–they seem endless. The Wall Street Journal article I reference in the post refers to security agencies in the U.S. government using a secure, internal wiki to share information.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful commentary.

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