I Prefer Shopping To Tanks, But…

My only experience with tanks is sitting on this one on the grounds of The University of Tampa campus in Tampa, Florida.Gun

Except that Art Bagley, Reference Librarian at UT’s Macdonald-Kelce Library informed me it’s not a tank, it’s a retractable shore battery gun. (Art pointed me to the source of the picture with a nice write-up about the gun at The Brass Bowl and to this photograph.)

What I remember about the tank, I mean gun, was that it was heavy.

If it were hit by enemy fire in modern warfare–which it would be because it was mounted on a large, metal platform that had springs attached to it as well as to an arrangement of bendable steel arms that would fold up and pull the cannon below the level of the fort’s wall–it would probably shatter like a vase.

I’m thinking about Schultz-Creehan’s Friction Stir Fabrication (FSF), patent pending, the joining of two materials along a continuous plane rather than along one seam.

According to Kevin Creehan, President of Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc. and co-creator of the Friction Stir Fabrication process, "We can coat a super hard material onto super light material. Then you get the best of both worlds – a light material with a hard surface."

He adds, "What that means is that ballistic-resistant composites can be coated onto semi-strong but light aluminum for greatly improved fuel efficiency and maneuverability of military vehicles."

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m more into what Friction Stir Fabrication can do for shopping than for tanks.

But if someone I knew and loved were in a tank, I would want FSF to join the tank’s body material to an anti-ballistic coating. A thick one.


I offer deep gratitude to Art Bagley, Reference Librarian at The Macdonald-Kelce Library of The University of Tampa, for background information for this post and for reviewing a draft for accuracy.  We realized we knew each other in Tampa but this was after he had already offered a complete online stranger generous, expert help. 

Schultz-Creehan Holdings, Inc., a member company of business accelerator VT KnowledgeWorks, is a high-tech engineering firm focused on the research and development of innovative solutions for industry. Formed by Dr. Kevin Creehan and Dr. Jeff Schultz in 2004 to address complex product development challenges through expertise in materials science and industrial engineering, Schultz-Creehan develops and manufactures products and processes to serve clients in the aerospace, defense, medical device and industrial markets.

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