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Current best business practices call for "transparency," whereby companies share what they’re doing, why and how they’re doing it, and engage in online conversations about it.

The two primary goals of business transparency are 1) through candor, to provide reassurance and to quell fears about harmful business practices (and to contribute to un-Enron-ing the business world) and 2) again through candor, to create synergistic, co-invested, co-inventive relationships between customers and companies.

As a business blog writer, I love the consciousness and self-awareness required by transparency. A business blog is both a means and an end; I write to make things happen. The goal of any business blog is for this sentence to occur: "I read about you/it in a blog. I want to ________," where the filled-in blank is of benefit to the company.

I also love high-tech companies like those at VT KnowledgeWorks. I think it’s because I can appreciate a little magic.

While writing a business blog, I think about having a part in Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As a person, I have self-awareness. As a person with a part, an actor, I sense another character’s self-awareness. In the play, a whole bunch of us go at night to a forest, some of us for love, some of us to practice parts for another play. Magic potion is used. Some of us are transformed, we have wild experiences as not-ourselves–another self-awareness to acquire–and fall asleep exhausted. We awake, some unchanged, some changed forever because of our new insights–another transformation with a new self-awareness. Then some of us end up married and some of us perform that play we were practicing in front of the couples and in front a theater audience.

I’m a company–a play–operating in a world of partners and customers, another play. A play within a play!

Talk about consciousness, self-awareness and transparency! I’m doin’ it and I know I’m doin’ it!  Who was I, who am I now, what am I doing and why? How do I share my magic without giving away the secret formula?

All good questions for a business to answer transparently. Many companies are answering in business blogs.

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  1. With my daughter's (Anne Clelland's) help ( I started blogging yesterday ( ) and felt the same magic. On the blog I was in person, in color, and the medium was cheap. It cost time, but so does everything, and each posting will cost less than a cup-of-coffee-time. I saw a crowd of bloggers (over a million) and knew my keywords would assemble a few of them at the edge of the crowd for what I had to say. They came to read, not as former students … because they had to come to class for a lecture. I gave "handouts" and sales pitches that were not all trashed. I did not see those insults yesterday. I was taken in by the software, the medium, the future potentials, and the challenges to say better, briefly, things that I think are impotant.

  2. I loved your description of the magic and of the students/readers not trashing your handouts. A lovely young couple came to my door yesterday (against town ordinances) with a carefully laid out flyer about the services they offer. I thanked them, closed the door, and tossed it. I trashed their handout. I love the invitation of a blog. I can go or not, I can read or not, stay or not.

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