Entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech

In his advice to Virginia Tech entrepreneurs , Dan Gordon of Valhalla Partners wrote, "Meet and get to know people in your university’s entrepreneurship programs…"

Here’s someone to get to know.

To a query I made about entrepreneurship at Virginia Tech, home of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, home of high-tech business incubator VT KnowledgeWorks, Stephen J. Skripak, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, kindly replied:

I teach Management 4074, Applied Small Business Consulting, which is part of the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management concentration option offered to undergraduate Management Majors. I also serve as the director for the Virginia Tech MBA program. Our program recently received approval to begin offering a concentration in the field of Entrepreneurship. The program’s present concentrations tend to appeal mostly to students who intend to pursue careers with larger companies.

The program administrators got the idea for the Entrepreneurship concentration when many incoming students indicated that their desired careers involved one day starting their own companies or taking leadership roles in established family businesses.

Stephen J Skripak
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
1044 Pamplin Hall (0209)
Pamplin College of Business
Virginia Tech
(540) 231-6152

[email protected]

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