Another Missive from Concept Camp

When I attended the February 2008 session of high-tech business incubator VT KnowledgeWorks‘s Concept Camp, in addition to meeting Christine Nelson, I also met Benjamin Lepene.  In a 3/7/08 e-mail, he wrote:

Concept Camp was a great opportunity for me to discuss my business goals and objectives with a group of people going through similar challenges.  Jim Flowers facilitated these discussions and provided valuable insight and constructive feedback on a wide range of topics ranging from our motivations to investment opportunities to accounting fundamentals.  I found that most of us had a good grasp on the technical components of our business concepts, but many of us may not have thoroughly considered the non-technical aspects associated with starting and running a business.

I think Concept Camp reaffirmed my desire to advance my business concept into the next phase.  Jim and the other campers also helped me refine my commitments for the upcoming months to ensure a successful launch.

I’m currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences at Virginia Tech.  I am developing a nanoscale antioxidant drug delivery system that actively targets specific cells within the body under oxidative stress and inflammation.  This technology has therapeutic implications for disease states and conditions ranging from human asthma to neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

I should have exciting news in the near future…

Ben Lepene
[email protected]

P.S.  Here is an interesting technology blog from my home state of NH:  Granite Geek.

The next session for Concept Camp is June 18-20, 2008.  Concept Camp is sponsored by Hodges, Jones & Mabry, P.C., a financial and accounting services firm.  For more information on Concept Camp, contact VT KnowledgeWorks Director Jim Flowers, [email protected].


  1. Ben Lepene says:

    Anne, Thanks for posting. Here is some additional information in regards to my graduate program.

    I am primarily associated with an NSF sponsored Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) program. This is an interdisciplinary graduate program that encourages collaboration and training across disciplines ranging from Biomedical Sciences to Chemistry to Biomedical Engineering and even Food Science. There are courses, teaching, leadership, grant writing, research and ethics training opportunities associated with this program. I think this is the future for advanced degree training and possibly worth another blog post at some point. Matt Hull of NanoSafe, Inc. (a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks) is also in a similar NSF sponsored IGERT training program.

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