Biotech After Hours

Thanks to Mark Herzog, Executive Director of the Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBIO), I feel even more eager to attend the Biotech After Hours on Thursday, March 20, 2008.  I appreciate his generous answers to my e-mailed questions on 3/13/08.

Q:  Why should a tech-savvy person attend?

A:  "The event on March 20 at the Fralin Biotechnology Center is designed to show off the latest technologies that are still in the lab and not actually out in the marketplace quite yet.  Therefore, tech-savvy people should attend this networking event to meet these aspiring entrepreneurs and learn about their plans for development."

Q:  Why should a non-tech-savvy person attend?

A:  "Even a non-tech-savvy person would have a good time."

[Note:  I attended a Biotech After Hours in December 2007 and wrote about it here.  The conversations were lively and the provisions delicious and generous!]

Q:  Whom do you hope will be there?

A:  "I hope that we get a good cross-section of the New River Valley business community.  The bioscience industry needs lots of support for it to grow in our community.  That means that they need goods and services, professional advice and access to capital."

He added, "Southwest Virginia’s New River Economic Development Alliance won one of Expansion Solutions Magazine’s awards for excellence in biotechnology in 2007.  The magazine noted the region’s great university, educated workforce and the new medical school initiative.  The area is getting attention and the event on March 20 will be a great place to connect with those making it happen."

Mark A. Herzog
Executive Director
Virginia Biotechnology Association (VaBIO)
800 East Leigh Street, Suite 14, Richmond, VA 23219
Ph: 804-643-6360

I look forward to meeting you, Mr. Herzog!

Biotech After Hours
Southwest Virginia Science Forum
Networking reception with poster session for the region’s life science community.
Thursday, March 20, 2008
4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Fralin Biotechnology Center (Map)
Virginia Tech Campus
Blacksburg, VA

More details in this .pdf.

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