Virginia Bio-Sensor® Guards Millions in Australia

The Bio-Sensor®, a water security monitoring system developed by Biological Monitoring, Inc., a VT KnowledgeWorks member company, was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald on 3/15/08.   Sink or Swim:  Eight Fish Who Guard the Health of Millions describes the Bio-Sensor®‘s use of fish sensors to monitor the water quality of the Sydney Catchment Authority which oversees the water supply to over 4 million people.

One of the Bio-Sensor®‘s innovations is its ability to function 24-7.  From the Herald"Although the Sydney Catchment Authority routinely tests for a wide range of impurities, the checks only guarantee water quality at the moment they are conducted."

"Khanittha Poonbua, a project engineer with the authority, said the three centimetre fish provided continuous evidence that all is well."

Bio-Sensor® Here’s how the Bio-Sensor® works:

1.  Water continually flows from the monitored source through fish sensor tanks in the unit.
2.  Bioelectric signals from the fish are filtered and amplified in the Bio-Amp® before being sent to the computer for analysis.
3.  The computer analyzes each fish’s ventilatory activity to determine if it is acting abnormally.
4.  If a significant number of the fish are determined to be acting abnormally at the same time an alarm is triggered and a water sample is collected for analysis.
5.  The ventilatory activity of the fish can be seen on the display screen as a series of waveforms.

For more information about Bio-Sensor® or BMI, contact:

David Gruber, Ph.D., CEO
Biological Monitoring, Inc.
[email protected]


  1. Anand Rudran says:

    Sir, i am an engineering student & i want to take a seminar on biosensors & its applications as part of my degee exam.So can u please send some informations.
    Anand R
    T.K.M College of Enginneering

  2. Thank you very much for your comment.

    Feel free to contact the company directly.

    Here's the Web site address:

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