How Blogs Work – Example One

If I want to help the entrepreneurs at VT KnowledgeWorks succeed, of all the possible ways I could assist them, why would I choose to write a blog?

Because of how blogs work.  Here’s Example One:

One of the reasons I dreamed of blogs is because of the high intensity, everything-blogs conversation I had with Jeremy Hart at PK’s Restaurant in Blacksburg earlier in the evening.

A few months ago, a family member for whom Jeremy works forwarded to him a link to the New River Valley Triathlon. Through the contact page, he found Inside VT KnowledgeWorks.

Jeremy Hart left a comment on 12/10/07 on the first Inside VTKW blog entry. Not recognizing him, I clicked on his name beneath the comment. It took me to his NRV Living blog. I read several entries and realized I had met him briefly a year or so ago at a social-business dinner. I found myself relating both personally and professionally to his blog entries. I posted a follow-up comment on the Inside VTKW blog.

In mid-January, the family member sent me a "Did you see this?" e-mail with a link to this entry in Jeremy’s blog. While several people have volunteered to help, he was the very first person to declare he would be a participant in the New River Valley Triathlon.

As part of my due diligence procedure for evaluating blogs as credible sources (more on that in other entries), I right-clicked his blog page, selected View Source, Notepad opened, and I scanned the HTML code for the name of his blog software. TypePad. The same software I use. Mostly user-friendly, but not always. I e-mailed him and asked if I could treat him to a meal in exchange for a few answers about TypePad. He e-mailed me a yes.

A one-to-many communication via blog entries ended up in a one-to-one, face-to-face meeting.

That’s why I write a blog about VT KnowledgeWorks.  Because that’s the way blogs work.

Example Two coming soon.

[Added later:  Here’s Example Two.]

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