Experts and Entrepreneurs – Part 2

For entrepreneurs in the world of Web 2.0, an online product review is like receiving an invitation to a press conference with the mayor. Entrepreneurs enter a visible, one-to-many conversation about their products or services. They have an opportunity to elaborate upon their creation's features at the same time as demonstrating the caliber of their personal character by responding to challenges.

In a previous post, I described asking for, and receiving, a review of Portaqua's portable water treatment systems from water expert Dr. John Cairns.

Rafael Gonzalez, CEO of Portaqua, exemplified the highest standards of entrepreneurship in his reply:

  • deep knowledge of his product
  • broad knowledge of the context in which his product would function
  • specific knowledge of the niche market his product would serve
  • personal integrity as modeled by thoughtful, judicious, thorough, candid replies to questions

    I have witnessed uncertain experts and uncertain entrepreneurs dodge questions, argue positions, and resort to personal attacks to camouflage their lack of knowledge of the truth of what they are doing and why.

    Not so with Cairns and Gonzalez. What I admired most about the expert and the entrepreneur was their upholding truth as the ultimate standard.

    Their exchange follows in the next post, Part 3.

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