Entrepreneurship – A Radical Definition

I’ve just started reading Rethinking Marketing:  The Entrepreneurial Imperative, by Minet Schindehutte, Michael H. Morris, and Leyland F. Pitt, but it might be big.  Take a look at this definition of entrepreneurship:

"Entrepreneurship is fundamentally a process of genesis:  it creates order, change, activity, novelty, and structure.  Thus, entrepreneurship is first and foremost about creation and becoming–it involves the creation of new markets, new value, new goods (products, services, or processes), new wealth, and so forth.  Essentially, entrepreneurship is an act of world creation:  it creates new worlds by reconstituting meaning from a systems perspective.  It is the energy (emotion) that starts and sustains the motion (change).  The entrepreneur is an action initiator who thinks in action.  Thus, entrepreneurship is something people do–it emphasizes an approach that puts action (creation) first, not thinking (creativity)."


  1. Thanks for citing our work Anne. There are many perspectives on entrepreneurship today, from a focused emphasis on creating a venture to a broader emphasis on opportunity recognition and exploitation. We like the perspective that you chose to share, as it gets to the essence of what an entrepreneur does, and the immediate purpose of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about transformation—transformation of resources in novel ways, transformation of business models, transformation of markets, and ultimately transformation of ways of thinking. Entrepreneurs do not pre-exist. No one is born an entrepreneur. No one is an entrepreneur the day they register a business. The entrepreneur is created by the venture experience. He or she is always becoming. So, there are really parallel forms of emergence: the emergence of the venture through a process of trial and error; the emergence of the entrepreneur through experiencing of the venture creation process; and the emergence of an opportunity as the entrepreneur interfaces with the venture and the environment.

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