Entrepreneurial Dreams

Last night, I dreamed of blogs.

With 100 million blogs already online, according to a February 2008 article in Inc., apparently even the unconscious is fair game for posting space.

Prior to sleeping, I envisioned the entrepreneurs heading on February 20, 2008 to Mountain Lake for Concept Camp, a program offered by high-tech start-up incubator VT KnowledgeWorks.  (The February Concept Camp session is almost full.  If you want to attend in February, contact Lindsey Eversole ([email protected]) ASAP.  Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the next session in June.)

Who will be at Concept Camp? Anyone–of any age, from any place–considering the launch of a technology-based business.

Entrepreneurs will consider Geoffrey Moore’s idea in Crossing the Chasm, that the classic, smooth, bell-shaped curve depicting the adoption of a product isn’t so smooth for creators of technology products and services. Moore shows the left foot of the curve separated from its right-hand body, resulting in a chasm separating the early adopters from the early majority.

I envision that chasm as a canyon, white water rapids of risk churning below. I envision myself as a high-tech investor, partner, vendor, or customer planted on my side of the canyon where everything is as it always has been. I look across the chasm and catch glimpses of entrepreneurs’ inventions. They’re beyond my wildest dreams.

Why don’t I leap?  Fear.

What do I fear?  Being wrong.

If I’m wrong, I fall.  I lose my standing–financial, social, and personal.

So risky. To take a leap, to ease my aversion to risk, I need reasons to trust entrepreneurs.

Wait? What do I see on the other side? Entrepreneurs in Indiana Jones hats. Some are holding rope bridges. A few look me straight in the eye and toss bridges to me. I catch the the bridges and attach them to my safe side of the canyon.

Whose bridge do I choose?

I trust the entrepreneurs who threw me bridges more than the ones who did not. I am more connected to the entrepreneurs who reached out to me than to those who did not.

A blog entry, like this one, reaches out.

I dream big dreams for the VT KnowledgeWorks entrepreneurs. At Concept Camp, their own big dreams for themselves get a real start.

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