From Dark to Light

If we were to take all of the world’s water and reduce it to one gallon, the volume that would be potable is one tablespoon.

Rafael Gonzalez, CEO of Portaqua, Member Company of high-tech incubator VT KnowledgeWorks, heard this from a presenter at WATEC Israel 2007, the 4th annual international meeting on Water Technologies and Environmental Control.

Portaqua_0108If only one tablespoon is clean enough to drink, that means the rest of it isn’t. Gonzalez is doing something about the rest of it.

Through Portaqua, Gonzalez and his partner, Max Junghans, have developed portable water processing systems that, as seen in the photograph, transform the dark into the light.

Gonzalez calls them water treatment "plants." I love guys. The Emergency Plant System (EPS) reminds me of the classic lunch wagon that parks at the entrance of all courthouses in America just before noon. The Commercial Plant System (CPS) could fit in a garage.

The Commercial Plant System actually has fit in more than one garage. One of Portaqua’s first users was a convenience store owner in Mexico with a next-door garage. The day after the water processing system morphed his cement block gararge into a "plant," the convenience store owner and his wife were bottling water.

The next year, he got a motorcycle.

This year, he got a truck.

The multinational corporation which also sells bottled water in the area is losing market share. The locals would rather buy from the water czar. It’s who you know, you know.

By more than one tablespoonful, Rafael Gonzalez and Portaqua are changing the world’s water and changing lives.

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