When the Student Is Ready

I’ve got a friend who knows everything from the best lotion for dry hands to how to help ailing parents with their estate planning. I want an RSS feed to her blog. However, not only does she not have an RSS feed, she does not have a blog. And she’s not tech savvy.

I thought of Tom Markiewicz, CEO of EvolvePoint, a Member Company of VT KnowledgeWorks, whom I met at the VT KnowledgeWorks Technology Showcase. EvolvePoint specializes in web applications for the search, management, publishing, and tracking of RSS feeds. Tom was a lively, personable, and knowledgeable presenter. I learned from him.

I felt a little awkward when I typed "Tom." I probably should have typed "Mr. Markiewicz" because I found out at Thanksgiving that my nephew, a marketing major at Virginia Tech, is a student in "Tom’s" strategic marketing class. According to my nephew (who will currently remain unnamed because the semester is still in session), ""Tom has a way of relating to the students and he implements and conducts his class in a way that you feel like you’re actually learning and contributing at the same time. Tom’s a great guy and great teacher."

EvolvePoint’s company blog includes a Beginner’s Guide to RSS Feeds which links to a film by VideoJug.

Tom offers access to an informative White Paper on RSS here. Downloading the paper requires registration but I was okay with that because, after all, he’s my nephew’s instructor.

Thanks to Tom’s generous sharing of knowledge in person and on his web site, looks like I’m one of his students, too. We’ll see how my friend does.


  1. Thanks for the mention and nice comments! Look forward to speaking with you again soon. You'll have to email me the student's name – I hope I gave them an A!

  2. Anne Clelland says:

    You're welcome–and thank you! My nephew gave me permission to post his name on the blog, Alan Wiley, and his grade in your class–an A. He graduated from Virginia Tech and starts with Wells Fargo in Roanoke this month.

    I had fine, inspiring instructors when I was at Tech. I'm so grateful Alan had the same experience with you.

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