The Cauldron Has to Come First

According to Inc., Marc Andreessen is the Blogger of the Year. Author Max Chafkin writes, "The engineer-savant who co-founded Netscape and who sold his second company, Opsware, earlier this year for $1.6 billion is the curator of the best entrepreneur’s blog we’ve seen." He describes Andreeseen’s blog, as "Part personal service, part financial advice, and part entrepreneurial philosophy."

GQ Lu of NBE Technologies, a member company of VT KnowledgeWorks, and his assistants currently produce semiconductor paste themselves. I imagine him in a lab over a boiling cauldron, stirring in eye of newt ground to Ag nanopowder, adding a sprinkle of surfacant of snakeskin, and pouring in salt-sea shark reduced to organic thinner until "the charm is firm and good." 

Very gently, how would GQ or other entrepreneurs find time to polish their entrepreneurial philosophies through Andreessen’s probably very wise but quite long blog entries?

Of the many blogs I read, Seth Godin’s is one of the few to which I subscribe. For me, his most recent entry (12/16/07) is too long, but I’m still wondering whether or not I have a billion-dollar t-shirt. He gets in and out, usually gives me an idea, sometimes makes me want to say, "Yes, but…", and gets on with being his thought-provoking self.

Of the two, Seth’s is the one listed in the top 100 of Technorati’s Popular Blogs.

Both of their blogs, as is this one, are built using TypePad. A little toe of frog, tongue of dog, and you’ve got a blog.

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