Action-Packed Suspense

Why am I writing about the entrepreneurs and their high-tech start-up companies incubating at VT KnowledgeWorks?

  • They have ideas.
  • They’re working and sacrificing to create a real something from the intangible nothing of all ideas.
  • Entrepreneurial risk makes for action-packed suspense and high drama: VT KnowledgeWorks, The Ride. Whee!
  • The real something they create may make the world a better place.
  • That’s miraculous to me.
  • I might get to witness the miracle.

Why do I care about miracles? My sister let me witness the birth of her third child, a daughter. No experience before or since, after almost a half of a century on the planet, has given me any greater sense of the exquisite beauty of the human spirit.

So, an idea isn’t a baby, but it is born of the human spirit.

More of that, please.

Hey, look! Right here in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center of Blacksburg, Virginia! VT KnowledgeWorks!

A place created for ideas to start.

Start like what? Like infants? Like seeds? Like sacks of wooden building blocks? Like Athena, springing fully grown and bedecked in armor from the head of her father, Zeus? Like Evel Knievel on the takeoff ramp at Caesar’s Palace?

Action-packed suspense!  I’ll write about it here.

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